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Oostflex is a full-service agency in transport industry, construction, metal industry, facility services, logistics and the food industry. We are proud of our reliable, loyal and motivated East European professionals, where it is important to us that they also enjoy their jobs. Working with pleasure is very important to us because it not only makes the employee happy and is good for their health, but also because it benefits the employee’s performance, which ultimately benefits you as a client. The core of our organisation revolves around trust, so we honour existing commitments and we do not make false promises. If we cannot be of service to you at any time, we will tell you honestly, simply because we are convinced that having to decline a sale once is better than being disappointed after a “yes” and not meeting your expectations.

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We go to great lengths when it comes to providing you with the very best transportation personnel. We don’t just do this literally,


Many Dutch companies in the construction sector have been facing a growing shortage of skilled workers in the past few years


metal workers

Filling temporary or flexible vacancies in the metal and engineering sector is not always easily and quickly arranged



You are understaffed due to holidays, loss of permanent staff or simply because business is running very well Then we are

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for flexible staff for long-term deployment or to cope with short-term

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Food industry

Are you temporarily looking for hands-on workers in the food- or horticultural sector? Is your organisation desperate for

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